Workplace Wellness

We make corporate settings feel like family.

A Stronger Workforce

In collaboration with a network of employers, we set out to create something that Nova Scotia has never seen before. Employers wanted healthier employees and savings on the bottom line. Employees wanted to feel better and work in a supportive and enjoyable environment. Now, we’ve perfected it for you.

What we’ve created is something that has gone well above everyone’s expectations. The OnSide corporate initiative is not your traditional attempt at a wellness program, it’s the solution everyone has been looking for. Each wellness program is tailored specifically to each individual workplace, reach out to us if you’re looking for more information.


A three sided approach


This is the program employers have the most success with. Our fitness programs have taken stagnant workplaces and turned them into something unimaginable.


Our nutrition programs use the expertise of a team of Registered Dietitians we have on staff. They are in charge of creating healthier workplaces through employee challenges that have worked wonders.


Bringing our Registered Massage Therapist on-site has had a drastic impact on stress in the workplace and employee focus, perfect for physical or high stress workplaces.

Organizations we’ve worked with

Why it matters most



Improved Productivity


reduced absenteeism


Fewer disability claims

Become a leader in workplace health

If you have more questions or you’re ready to get started, fill out the form and connect with us.

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