Workplace wellness

A healthy workplace is an efficient workplace, so let our team help yours. Studies over the last decade have shown a direct correlation between workplace wellness and employee productivity.


Many studies have been conducted to look into the efficacy of Workplace Wellness Programs. As evidenced below, there are measurable benefits when it comes to workplace wellness.

 *2013 Sunlife Buffett National Wellness Survey


Reduced Absenteeism


Improved Productivity


Reduced Disability Claims

On-Site Nutrition Seminars

Our registered dietitian will come to your workplace and put on seminars in the importance of healthy eating, a balanced diet, and meal planning.

On-Site Group Workouts

Can’t make it to us? That’s okay! We can bring the workout to you. All we need is some empty office space and we’ll bring all of the equipment.

Group Classes

Hosted at our first class training facility, we will schedule time for you and your employees to come in and work through an instructor led, Crossfit based class.

Co-Funded Unlimited Memberships

If you’re looking to help your employees with their pursuit of a fit lifestyle, the co-funded membership is a great option. You pay half, they pay half. It’s as simple as that.

Tiered Corporate Membership Packages

We’ll structure tiered membership packages that include anything from nutrition to personal training, all based on the number of employees you have.


OnSide Performance Centre is a premium strength and conditioning facility that specializes in empowering athletes to train and fuel for optimal performance. When it comes to fitness and athletic development, it’s important to have structure; to have purpose. Our team of experienced coaches are here to offer the most professional coaching in HRM. In our constantly evolving training facility, we are able to offer premier services ranging from sports nutrition,  dryland training for sports teams and CrossFit classes.
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OnSide Performance Centre
Office: (902) 404 – 5647
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Office: (902) 404 – 5647
114 Chain Lake Dr. Unit 5, Halifax, NS
B3S 1B1

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