What Makes Group Fitness Exciting

July 12, 2019

What Makes Group Fitness Exciting

Jul 12, 2019 | Uncategorized


We’ve all been there. Your group fitness class or workout program has become stale, you aren’t seeing results, and you’re starting to think that heading to the gym is a chore. Maybe this sounds like you. Not to worry! It’s easy to avoid if you know what to look for in a new program.

We always ask new members why they decided to start at OnSide. Over the years we’ve found a few answers that always pop up:

“I’m bored with my current program”


“I’m not getting the results I want”

The most important aspect of a successful group fitness program is how excited you are to attend. If you’re excited to head to the gym, then you’re much more likely to create long lasting habits.

Here are a few things we’ve found to get people excited about fitness:


A welcoming environment is a sign that the people at the gym actually care about you and your success. This is tremendously helpful when it comes to how accountable you feel to your fitness. Simple things like being greeted when you walk in, to asking about your day, or how you’re feeling after last week’s workout, all of these things are traits of a welcoming environment. 

Scaling to suit you

There is nothing scarier than thinking you’ll be the least fit person in class. A group fitness program that has workouts you can easily scale to any fitness level will help squash that feeling. We have people who start from nothing, never exercised before in their life, who have never felt more empowered. Once you realize that every workout is different for each person, you start performing at your best.


Creating a fitness program that makes you sweat is easy but creating fun workouts every day is hard. Slogging through a long workout can develop mental toughness, but it’s no fun. Finding a gym that has workouts that you find fun is crucial to finding the right fitness program for you.. But how do you know that you find the workouts fun? Well, on your off days, you feel sad that you can’t make it!

Community Focused

A strong social community acts as an accountability coach. At OnSide, we’ve seen some strong friendships created here. A social community that regularly host gatherings and social events is how you’ll start thinking of the gym as less of a chore and more like a community of your peers who want you to succeed.


Great coaches are hard to come by. These coaches are the ones that care about you, but also have the knowledge base to help you achieve your goals. This rare combination is integral to everything else we just talked about. 

At the end of the day you need to find something that seems like fun to you. People lead busy lives, so it’s had to make time for something you don’t enjoy. Whether it’s weightlifting, spin class, or calisthenics, try it all and find a way to make fitness fun for you. 

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Tristan Kay

Tristan was introduced to CrossFit by his friend after suffering through a partial “Fight Gone Bad”. Since then he’s discovered his love for Olympic Weightlifting and completed his NCCP Weightlifting Coaching course. He’s been hooked ever since.
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