What is CrossFit?

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January 17, 2019

What is CrossFit?

Jan 17, 2019 | Performance Blog


Let’s Define CrossFit

CrossFit is a fitness program that caters to everyone from grandparents to professional athletes. It combines a variety of movements, from Weightlifting to Gymnastics and Aerobic Conditioning, all in a coach-led environment. What does that all mean though? Well, CrossFit classes generally run about an hour with somewhere in the vicinity of 14 to 18 people. In larger gyms those classes may have more people but will likely have a second instructor. That’s because it’s important that there is adequate support for each member. Classes on any given day will generally follow 1 of 2 structures:

Workout Style 1

0-8 mins:      Warm up
8-10 mins:    Instructor outlines the class
10-30 mins:  Strength or Skill work
30-35 mins:  Setup for next segment
35-50 mins:  Conditioning workout
50-60 mins:  Stretching & Mobility

Workout Style 2

0-8 mins:      Warm up
8-10 mins:    Instructor outlines the class
10-20 mins:  Prepare equipment for workout
20-50 mins:  Long Strength & Conditioning workout
50-60 mins:  Stretching & Mobility
The programming each day is structured in such a way that you are always working different muscle groups and not overworking any one area. As a result, CrossFit is a great way to get a balanced workout with the guidance of an experienced coach.

CrossFit as a sport vs. CrossFit as a training methodology

With most physical activities that have a competitive component, there are those who compete and those that partake to stay active. Hockey is a perfect example because the people who play recreational hockey in the evenings are doing it to stay fit. Hockey is their fitness activity. However, people trying to make it into the NHL train tirelessly, on and off the ice to make sure they are well balanced athletes. 
CrossFit is the same due to the fact that the athletes you see competing at the CrossFit Games train all of the time and are doing more than just CrossFit to ensure their success in the sport. In contrast, the average person attending a CrossFit gym is doing it to help themselves become more fit.Therefore you don’t have to be a CrossFit games athlete to do CrossFit.

Can I do Crossfit?

One of the most common questions when it comes to CrossFit is, “Can I do CrossFit?” and the answer is YES! That’s because the beauty of a training program like CrossFit is that it can be scaled to any skill level. Therefore, no matter what the movement is, whether it be gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting or even skipping, a coach can adjust the movement for you. CrossFit coaches are taught to break things down to the absolute basics so that they can build you up safely and teach you the movement properly. As a result, if you are learning how to do Handstand Push-Ups and are struggling your coach might work you through the progressions listed below.

Handstand Push-Up Progressions

  1. Build shoulder strength because you need to be able to  support and press your body weight
    Ex. Dumbbell shoulder press work along with bottoms up kettle bell walk
  2. Get you comfortable with being upside down. We’ll stand in front of the wall and teach you how to kick up to it or we’ll work on walking your feet up the wall until just your nose and toes are against it. 
  3. We’ll spend even more time upside down by doing handstand holds against the wall for longer and longer amounts of time.
  4. Once you’re comfortable upside down and are starting to build the necessary strength we’ll start teaching the Handstand Push-up movement but with a shortened range of motion.
  5. Finally, as you have increased the range of motion on the movement, you are ready to attempt a full Handstand Push-up.

As you can see, a movement that seems quite complex can be easily broken down into less complicated progressions. Therefore, it can be scaled to anyone’s skill/strength level. This applies to every exercise that shows up in a typical CrossFit class. So, as mentioned before, “Yes!” you can do CrossFit.

Is CrossFit for me?

As a result, CrossFit’s infinite scalability means that the question, “Is CrossFit for me?” is in fact very easy to answer if you know what you’re looking for in a workout regimen. In generealy, do you like to work hard when you’re exercising? Maybe you are someone who enjoys a community atmosphere and the guidance of a qualified coach? Maybe you’re a results driven individual when it comes to your fitness. If any of these sounds like you, then guess what? In a nutshell, CrossFit is for you.

At the end of the day, CrossFit can work for everyone. Whether you are a varsity athlete or a retiree, it doesn’t matter as a CrossFit class can be adjusted and scaled to your abilities and comfort levels. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to learn new exciting gymnastics movements or just looking to get healthier, CrossFit is a great option for you.

The next step is to try it out!

Get started with Crossfit at OnSide performance Centre today!

Tristan Kay

Tristan was introduced to CrossFit by his friend after suffering through a partial “Fight Gone Bad”. Since then he’s discovered his love for Olympic Weightlifting and completed his NCCP Weightlifting Coaching course. He’s been hooked ever since.
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