Trying To lose Weight? Drop The Scale.

OnSide Academy
January 1, 2023

Focusing on the scale as your only measure of success when it comes to weight loss is not the most effective path. Although checking your progress with a scale is important, it should not be the only measure of your progress. You can make great strides in weight loss and overall health and wellness by focusing on other indicators, such as fitness goals, body composition changes, clothing sizes, waist circumference measurements, and even energy levels.

Scale obsession can be a major roadblock when losing weight because it can cause unhealthy thoughts regarding food choices and metabolism that are detrimental to progress. You may become discouraged if you don’t see immediate results or if your results are slower than expected. The focus becomes about numbers instead of a healthy lifestyle which can lead to feelings of guilt or shame if you slip up or make an unhealthy choice.

A better approach is to focus more on developing healthy habits that fit into your lifestyle and take care of yourself emotionally while progressing through this journey. Eating a balanced diet filled with nutrient-dense foods will provide you with enough energy to reach your fitness goals while maintaining muscle mass that helps burn fat and lose weight effectively. \

Additionally, incorporating positive self-talk into your daily routine will help keep you motivated mentally when things get tough. Finally, set reasonable weekly goals for yourself as opposed to focusing entirely on one number each time you step on the scale. Setting realistic expectations for yourself will give you something tangible to work towards so that it is easier to stay focused and motivated throughout the week. Celebrate small wins like taking time for self-care activities or making healthier choices when eating out with friends or family; these small wins are just as much milestones along the way!

Overall, don’t let the scale define whether you have had a successful week in terms of weight loss—instead focus on developing healthy habits and learning how to appreciate all of the progress made along this journey!

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