What Kind Of Massage Therapy Is Right For You

October 15, 2019

What Kind Of Massage Therapy Is Right For You

Oct 15, 2019 | Uncategorized

How to Find a winning Massage Therapist

by Lyndsay Oakes BScKin RMT

Where do i starT?

Do you struggle with trying to find the right Massage therapist? There is such a variety and range of RMTs how are you supposed to find the one that works best for you?

Upon searching for the right fit, here is some criteria you should consider:

do your research

There is no “one-treatment-fits-all” when it comes to Massage Therapy. An important first step is figuring out why exactly you need a treatment. Before you go any further, determine whether the treatment you’re after is for sport, pain management, or stress reduction.

After figuring out what you need the most, do some digging in your local area. If you’re active and looking to keep an active lifestyle, you probably don’t want a relaxation massage.

Check out the websites and bio of the Massage Therapists you’re considering. If you can find some common ground with your RMT, they’re more likely to be able to help you. This will also in turn create a better experience for you.

Here are a few more things that are important to look for in a massage therapist.

1. Credentials

Usually this isn’t going to be a problem in Nova Scotia, but it’s always a good idea to check and make sure the RMT is in good standing with their regulatory body. The regulatory body MTANS (Massage therapy association of Nova Scotia) is responsible for Registered Massage Therapists in Nova Scotia.

The ability to do direct billing is pretty important for most people. Typically this just involves holding the proper credentials and being set up with the proper insurance companies.

2. Additional education

Learning never ends for a good Registered Massage Therapist. it is an RMTs job to keep up with their education long after graduating from the massage therapy program. This is a good way to see if they take their education and knowledge seriously, which will help you decide if they are knowledgeable about the specific reason of your visit and are capable of effectively helping you.

If the RMT lists a modality on their bio and you are unsure of what it is, do a quick search, this may help you make a more educated decision on if the RMT is right for you. Here are some popular and modern examples:

Graston Technique
Neuromuscular therapy

With this being said I only suggest you search to get an idea, a lot of images or pages that come up with searches could be on the more extreme side and not exactly how the therapist would treat.

3. Hobbies and interests

This one is pretty underrated. It’s important to find a Registered Massage Therapist that shares some common ground with you. If you’re an active runner, there’s tremendous value in finding a practitioner who knows the in’s and out’s of proper running technique. 

It can sometimes be hard to describe the issues you’re having, especially if you aren’t familiar with human anatomy. A massage therapist who is interested in the types of physical activities that you are interested in will be able to know what you’re feeling intuitively. 

Find out what kind of massage therapy you don’t want

Massage Therapy has so many different specializations and avenues a professional can explore, such as myofascial release, fascial stretch therapy, pre/post natal, deep tissue, relaxation, reiki, manual lymphatic draining, nerve flossing, sports massage, and the list goes on…

What we can know for sure is that not all of these are going to be right for you. 

    Why you need message therapy

    The main reason people go see a massage therapist is for rehabilitation; to relieve pain, relieve muscle tightness, work related injuries, and to improve performance. Though, rehab may be the main reason, many people use massage therapy as a way to relieve stress and provide relaxation.

    All of these reasons show why it’s important to find the right massage therapist for you. The most important thing is that you can leave their spa, clinic or gym, feeling an improvement regarding the issue you went in with.

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