Teens Class

Teens Class is focused on developing young athletes for life and sport by creating a fitness environment that they look forward to.

Setting a Strong Foundation

OnSide works with a variety of young athletes, from hockey and soccer to judo and synchronized swimming. The teen program is designed to build a balanced young athlete while making sure they have fun. Through years of working with teenagers we’ve found a few keys to success when working with these young athletes.

Celebrate their Success

We make a point to celebrate all of the accomplishments of teens in our program. The feeling they get from learning something new or reaching a goal is something that will stick with them for life and push them to continuously acheive.

fun then fitness

The program that works best for teens is the program that they enjoy doing. Nothing is going to stick if athletes aren’t having fun while doing it. A program that is constantly changing keeps teens engaged and excited for more.

Balancing the athlete

A fitness program for the developing teen needs to prioritize their imbalances. By working on these things now, teens will see physical benefits that set them beyond their peers and build a strong foundation for the rest of their lives.


Our Teens Strength and Conditioning class is for any young athlete who is looking to become their fittest self.

We start athletes by learning safe and efficient movement. This often involves a lot of slow and controlled practice, stretching and mobility. We gradually introduce athletes to stability work to strengthen their joints and create a strong range of motion. If an athlete can safely demonstrate quality movement we introduce them to exercises that will increase spped, strength and agility.

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