sport nutrition

OnSide Performance Centre’s sports nutrition program offers
individual counseling and group workshops led by our registered dietitian, specializing in
nutrition for sport performance.


A solid foundation when it comes to nutrition is critical in the pursuit of peak performance. Whether you’re a professional or amateur athlete, what you eat and drink will affect how well you perform. From fueling for daily training or competition to losing excess body fat or gaining muscle, OnSide Performance Centre has a program for you and your team. The nutrition needs of athletes are unique, and require the assessment skills of a qualified nutrition professional who can provide reliable and individualized recommendations, backed by science.


Registered Dietitians (RD) are the only regulated health professionals in the field of nutrition. They have extensive education and training to help you cut through the confusion and give you the best up-to-date and credible nutrition information to support your goals. Our in-house dietitian Jenny Jeffrey has additional education and expertise in nutrition for sport and athletic performance from the International Olympic Committee.

**If you have an extended health care plan that covers the services of a Registered Dietitian you may claim for reimbursement for nutrition counseling (check with your provider). 

Factors influencing sport performance


Adequately fueling your training sessions and competitions will have a direct impact on your performance and recovery.


Proper hydration is essential in training for temperature control to maintain proper muscle function, reduce the risk of heat stress, and ultimately prevent a decline in performance due to dehydration.


Strength & conditioning training is critical in the developing of favorable physical adaptations for optimal sport performance.


Adequate sleep is essential in the recovery process, as muscle is rebuilt and nutrients are restored, allowing optimal training the following day.
Initial sports nutrition assessment
  • (1.25 hours) $150

  •  Athletes who are looking for individualized recommendations should start with an initial sports nutrition assessment. During this session, our dietitian will gather a variety of information such as health history, lifestyle factors, current nutrition habits, training program, and performance goals. Based on your goals and the results of this assessment, you will receive an individualized nutrition plan.
Follow-up sports nutrition consultation
  • (45 minutes) $100

  • Ongoing nutrition counseling is available to anyone who has completed the initial sports nutrition assessment. Depending on your health and performance goals, regular check-ins to make adjustments to your plan may be recommended.
Dietary analysis
  • (3 Day) $50

  • We will record and analyze your food and fluid intake and exercise for 3 days (2 weekdays and 1 weekend day). Your nutrition summary will provide you with individualized nutrition and training recommendations based on your performance goals.
Sports nutrition meal plan
  • (1 Day) $100

  • The meal plan will ensure that you are getting the appropriate amount of energy, carbohydrates, protein, fats, and fluids based on your performance goals. An Initial sports nutrition assessment is required prior to receiving an individualized meal plan.
comprehensive sports nutrition package
  • $500

  • Includes initial sports nutrition assessment, 2 follow-up sports nutrition consultations, dietary analysis, sports nutrition meal plan.
sports nutrition workshop
  • (1.5 hour): $50/personmin. 8 people

  • Group nutrition workshops will focus on a single area of nutrition. Some topics include Meal Planning, Smart Snacking, Sports Supplements, Nutrient Timing and Fueling for Game Day. If you would like to book a private workshop, and you’re interested in another nutrition topic, please contact us to discuss the details.


OnSide Performance Centre is a premium strength and conditioning facility that specializes in empowering athletes to train and fuel for optimal performance. When it comes to fitness and athletic development, it’s important to have structure; to have purpose. Our team of experienced coaches are here to offer the most professional coaching in HRM. In our constantly evolving training facility, we are able to offer premier services ranging from sports nutrition,  dryland training for sports teams and CrossFit classes.
let evidence based nutrition take you to the next level
let evidence based nutrition take you to the next level
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Office: (902) 404 – 5647
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