Should I Try CrossFit in Halifax?

OnSide Academy
February 2, 2023

People who have come into OnSide in Halifax have told us they hummed and hawed over questions like this for literally years.

Should I try CrossFit? Is CrossFit right for me? Am I in good enough shape to do CrossFit?

If you’ve known someone who does CrossFit, you probably know what they would say…

You Should Really Try CrossFit.

It’s an overwhelming yes to the question.

CrossFit is inherently tailored to everyone, it’s meant to be a fitness program that prepares you for real life, no matter what your current fitness level is.

If you think that CrossFit is some kind of competition, or a sport that involves everything short of breakdancing, you’ve been fooled!

What is CrossFit like in Halifax?

CrossFit has been around Halifax for over a decade and with all that time, there are some things that haven’t changed.

You’ll find gyms that prioritize the elite athlete, you’ll find the grungy garage gym, and you’ll find everything in between..

If you’re going to look for a CrossFit gym in Halifax, you should understand what your priorities are. If you’re just trying to get in shape and build strength without getting hurt, you should come to OnSide. If you’re a no-shirt-wearing hot-shot – there is also a place for you!

CrossFit gyms in Halifax come from a very wide variety. If you’re looking for a gym, do your research, drop in and talk to some people.

Why you should try CrossFit

CrossFit has become one of the world’s leading fitness program, perhaps one of the most effective programs that have existed.

So that’s a pretty good reason to try!

CrossFit also goes beyond the physical benefits – sure you’ll get stronger, look better naked, get faster, lose weight, and much more but what most people on the outside forget about is mental health improvements.

Mental aspects to training

CrossFit shows you that you can overcome anything. No matter how challenging the workout it going into it, you’ll always succeed.

We do this at OnSide by creating a workout that’s tailored to your specific fitness level.

This usually means you get to accumulate wins right from the beginning – nice work!

Wins will compound into the need to continue your progress each and everyday.

Go visit your local Halifax CrossFit gym

Give it a try!

The people at OnSide Performance Centre are extremely nice, you’ll feel welcomed and valued. Find a place like that around you and it a good solid effort – You won’t regret it!

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