Our story

We know how it feels to want to lose weight, gain strength or confidence and not know the way. We don’t know how your story started but we’ve got a plan that will help you achieve your goals and have fun while doing it. Welcome to the best gym in Halifax, with the best fitness trainers.

Our story

We know how it feels to want to lose weight, gain strength or confidence and not know the way. We don’t know how your story started but we’ve got a plan that will help you achieve your goals and have fun while doing it. Welcome to the best gym in Halifax, with the best fitness trainers.

We know what it feels like to have big goals and no idea where to start. We see people every day who are looking to gain confidence, lose weight or simply get stronger. These people are now smashing their goals and enjoying it.

We aren’t going to sugar-coat it, it’s going to be a challenge. We’ll be standing right behind you every step of the way making sure that you’re doing the right things. We know the way.


We’ve been working with a large range of fitness levels in our community. The people who come to OnSide are people who thought they weren’t in good enough shape to start, people who didn’t like they liked working out, or people who were fed up with the regular gym.

If you think for that our group fitness program aren’t for you, we’d like to prove you wrong. Come into Onside, meet the amazing people and experience fitness like never before. 

can i do this?
We’re not selling snake oil here, and no, you don’t need to be in shape first. Our program is something that has shown hundreds of people success like they’ve never seen with any other fitness program. Regardless of age, fitness level or previous injuries, you can do this. Our program is structured in a way that is inclusive to everyone. Our coaches are skilled in making sure that each workout is modified in a way that is making sure you’re moving safely, getting fitter and living healthier.
ok, what am i getting myself into?
Our program is created in a way that is meant to keep you excited about coming. We constantly vary the workouts and movements you’re doing to make sure you’re consistently seeing results and we use movements that are helpful in your everyday life, ones your already doing. We also have one of the strongest support systems in the fitness world, our amazing community. Come find out for your self.
Jenny has a strong passion for fitness, nutrition, health and is excited to share her enthusiasm with the community. As a Registered Dietitian, Jenny has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in counselling a wide range of individuals. Her training with the International Olympics Committee and the National Strength and Conditioning Association has given her the knowledge to work with elite level athletes, and take their performance to the next level. CrossFit was the icing on the cake, and the missing link to bring all of her expertise together.
nathan JEFFREY he/him
Being a lifelong rugby player, athletic development has been a large part of Nathan’s life. Throughout his athletic career, his knowledge and excitement for sport specific training has grown tremendously. Coaching quickly became an outlet for Nathan to share his passions with strength and conditioning and various ages of rugby teams. With the OnSide training facility, Nathan is now able to help maximize the athletic potential of athletes of all ages.
Astra pupper/good doggo

Astra is one of the original founders of OnSide. Her love for fitness started when she saw her first squirrel and experienced the cool Nunavut wind in her hair. Since then, Astra has been an avid runner, trying to run away any chance she gets. These days her role at OnSide is mainly behind the scenes, you know, big picture stuff. You may find her greeting you in the mornings with a very excited hello – be sure to rub her belly!

Catherine hoekstra they/them
Catherine found CrossFit in 2015 while studying at UOttawa. Having been involved in sport and fitness their whole life, they were immediately hooked. They connected strongly with the health and healthcare part of CrossFit.
Catherine is committed to bringing their curiosity and passion for learning to the team at Onside to help you reach your functional health and fitness goals!
keegan wilson he/him

Keegan Wilson is an enthusiastic, hard working and passionate individual and has been doing Crossfit since 2014. His experience playing hockey in the OHL and competitive volleyball continuously reinforces the importance of hard work in order to achieve your goals. Keegan plans to bring this background and work ethic to the Onside team and hopes to inspire others to reach their own individual goals.

Kate Parsons she/her

Kate Parsons is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator with a years of experience in weight management, sports nutrition, diabetes management and chronic disease prevention. As a lifelong athlete and lover of food, Kate has a passion for helping people create sustainable changes to build a healthy, active, and enjoyable lifestyle.

lyndsay oakes she/her

Lyndsay Oakes has been involved in sport for most of her life. She is now an athletic trainer for several sports, while also running her massage therapy practice out of OnSide. She is passionate about getting people moving again and helping people live their lives to the fullest.

Jason bond he/him

Jason started doing Crossfit in 2017 after looking for a way to jumpstart his fitness. He had some experience as a traditional “gym goer” but didn’t have any clear direction in his training. Joining the OnSide community introduced him to the Crossfit methodology, improved nutrition, the passion of the coaches and the support of this amazing community, all of which have led to massive gains in strength and overall wellness. Jason is very excited to help other people achieve their health and fitness goals too!

marc wilson he/him
Marc was bored and unmotivated with the regular gym and not seeing the results he wanted. He needed something different – different is what he found! He started in a small community in Cornerbrook, NFLD and after a his first few free classes, he was hooked. Marc wasn’t exactly an athletic kid, but at 35 years old he is the strongest and fittest he’s ever been. Marc is determined to help everyone he can, and thinks that CrossFit can be for anyone if they find the right gym.
jeam st amand headshot
Jean St-Amand he/him

From soccer and baseball to martial arts and running, Jean
has been active in a variety of sports throughout his life. Jean
found CrossFit not long after turning 40 in late 2015, and right
from the start got comfortable pushing his limits and turned it
into part of his everyday routine, immediately seeing the
benefits outside of the gym. Jean is thrilled to be a CrossFit
and weightlifting coach, helping new and experienced athletes
of all ages achieve new milestones and improve their lives
through fitness. He’s also the host of the BoxJumper Podcast,

focused on fitness and health.

rob obrien headshot
Rob O’Brien he/him

After a childhood filled with hockey and soccer, in high school
Rob fell in love with Rugby and he spent the next decade
playing men’s senior and super-league rugby. With family and
career in full swing, Rob lost touch with his fitness and he
found CrossFit in 2015. Within months back and knee pain
that had bothered him for years were gone, his energy level
was high and he had found a new passion. In the fall of 2017,
he and Ticia bought Osprey Athletics. After selling Osprey in

2020, Rob joined the team at OnSide.

Ticia O’Brien she/her

Ticia often says “CrossFit changed my life”. After three kids
and many years working in a corporate environment; Ticia
discovered CrossFit in 2015. She was immediately drawn to
the community as she discovered the value of the CrossFit
methodology and the benefits of working out in a class setting
with like minded people. Two years later she quit her job and
bought Osprey Athletics. Having coached and run Osprey
Athletics since 2017, she has helped countless people
discover their inner-athlete, creating a welcoming and inclusive
environment for athletes of all levels to feel they have a place
to call their own. Since selling Osprey in 2020, Ticia joined the
team at OnSide to continue spreading her expertise and love of


Jesse Galati he/him

Jesse is a lifelong athlete competing in martial arts competitions since he was 4. He is very passionate about participation in sports and exercise and is a strong believer in creating an inclusive environment for everyone. Jesse is also very involved in conserving our wildlands and volunteers with a number of local non-profits organizations.

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