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At OnSide, our coaches strive to provide the best training in Halifax to our community. As we continue to maintain excellence in strength and conditioning knowledge, you can keep up here.

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Patience with Technical Movements

ONSIDE ACADEMY / TRISTAN KAY WHY PATIENCE IS KEY When it comes to the technical movements in CrossFit, it’s important to be patient. Far too often we forget how challenging these movements are because someone in class has a better grasp of them. Whether it be Snatches...

What is CrossFit?

ONSIDE ACADEMY / TRISTAN KAY Let's Define CrossFit CrossFit is a fitness program that caters to everyone from grandparents to professional athletes. It combines a variety of movements, from Weightlifting to Gymnastics and Aerobic Conditioning, all in a coach-led...

What’s the Best CrossFit Gym in Halifax?

ONSIDE ACADEMY / TRISTAN KAY Which CrossFit Gym is for you? Here's how we answer that question... That’s a common question, searched in just about any city that has a CrossFit gym. This common question has a complicated answer though. What makes a good CrossFit gym?...

How to Run

ONSIDE ACADEMY / adam manuel Running Form 101 A month into my time here at Onside I’ve noticed a pretty common theme; people don’t love running.  It’s totally understandable. I was a track athlete for five years in university and always dreaded Sunday morning long...

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