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We are facing new challenges everyday. We’ve solved the problem of staying in shape or losing unwanted weight. Now, we’re facing challenges like feeling a sense of community in a remote world, staying connected in a positive way and socially connecting with people.

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Live interactive online crossfit classes 

The rise of remote work and the lack of social interaction is making many parts of our lives much harder. Especially staying healthy.

We’ve started helping our community by giving them an engaging and interactive workout from the comfort of their homes, while also giving them to social interaction piece that we’re all missing right now.

Here’s what you need to know:

✔ No equipment needed, but if you have it, we’ll show you how to use it.

✔ Interactive workouts with instructor led workouts.

✔ Social connections through live workouts, happy hour and game nights.

✔ A mix of strength training, cardio and flexibility to keep all your bases covered.

✔ A happier state of mind. 


Here's how we help

.We now have the ability to be connected with each other all of the time, much of this connection is from social media.

The problem is, only the good goes out to the world. We end up carrying the weight of all the bad by ourselves.

Between the weekly social nights or board game nights, or the daily workouts or hangout sessions, we’re creating strong connections that can last a lifetime.  

Here how you can get started:

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2. A Coach will reach out within 12 hrs to discuss your goals.

3. Jump into our classes, we’ll walk you through it all.

4. Be a part of something.


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