Membership Changes

Use this page to make changes to your current membership. The form below will notify our administrative staff that you’ve requested a change to your membership, we’ll make sure we process the change as soon as possible.

Holds will temporarily suspend your membership at OnSide and Cancellations will end your membership in accordance to our cancellation policy.


Cancellation Policy


All OnSide members are free to cancel at any time with two weeks notice. All cancellation requests must be made in writing through the following web form.

Cancellations cannot be processed retroactively and will be applied to your membership as of the date requested following the two-week requirement.

What If I’m Only Going Away For A Short Time?

If you’re only leaving us temporarily, you might prefer to put your membership on hold.

Cancellation Form

Membership Hold Policy


All OnSide members may place their membership on hold for a maximum 3 months per calendar year when they need to take an extended leave. All hold requests must be made in writing through the following web form:

When requesting a hold please note that it must have a firm start and end date (holds cannot be indefinite). We ask for five business days notice in order to action your hold request by the time of your departure. Holds cannot be applied retroactively. The minimum hold length is 14 days without being able to use your membership. If you plan to be away for periods exceeding 3 months, then a cancellation may be more appropriate.

Membership hold Form