The Best Way To Get In Shape

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July 22, 2020

The Best Way To Get In Shape

by Nathan Jeffrey


I feel like I need to start this off with a disclaimer just to say that this isn’t some kind of clickbait article or an article simply used to get your attention. When people ask me what the easiest or what the best way to get in shape is, this is what I tell them. My advice here is something that I have experienced myself as someone “trying to get in shape” and as someone who has seen this advice pay off countless times over many years,

Here’s the drop

Alright, are you ready for it? 

Here it is…

The best way to get in shape… is to enjoy the process.

If you’re looking at that last line and thinking something like “wow, what a genius!” – Oh stop it! I’m just the average visionary!

If you’re looking at that line and thinking about how annoyed you are that you clicked on this link, read the preceeding 5 lines only to read something so simple that there is no way it would ever work – you aren’t actually ready to hear it OR you aren’t ready to make the changes you need to make.


OK. The actual Best TRaining Plan. Right HEre.


“OK Nate! Very funny! But what is the actual best training plan to get in shape?”

Here it is…

It’s the one you enjoy doing.

Imagine this. 

“Alright Larry. Here is your training plan, it includes the most effective exercises possible for your goals in the most effective format and extremely detailed like you asked for! It was hard work but your goal of racing and winning against Tony Hawk down the slopes of Mount Everest on a GT Racer will be no problem if you just follow this plan.”

“Oh, by the way, you’ll need 3 hours a day for strength training, conditioning and GT Racer modifications.”

“You also need to limit your caloric intake to 2375 calories, and most of those calories need to come from smoothies made with an exotic plant that comes from the amazon”

“It’s probably best if you limit your social interactions to only 3 hours/wk to make sure your friends don’t tempt you to eat a donair… or try one of those crazy carpets”


OK, I got a little carried away there. This is probably on the extreme end, but you get the point. It’s so extreme that you are going to have to drastically alter your lifestyle to accommodate this training program. If you’re reading this as an elite athlete or someone who really does have extreme goals, this isn’t for you (although you will eventually need to learn to enjoy the process if you haven’t already.)


Get to the point!

I’m here!

If you don’t enjoy a training program, you are less likely to do it AND you are more likely to slack off and not push yourself.

Even if Tony Hawk gave you the cheat codes, the best plan in the world – you wouldn’t get where you want to be if you didn’t get excited about doing it.

I have seen more LONG TERM success stories from people who simply leaned in and had fun with their training than those who followed an extreme plan by the book. To achieve your goals AND continue improving, you need to enjoy the process.

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