Should You Hire A Female Personal Trainer?

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June 13, 2023

If you’re considering hiring a personal trainer, I’m sure you’ve thought of whether you should hire a female personal trainer or a male personal trainer. There are certainly no shortage of reasons to work with a personal trainer, but you might be better off with a specific gender based on the challenges you face or the goals you want to conquer.

In this short article we’re going to provide some insight that will help you choose the right personal trainer for you.

The differences between personal trainers and female personal trainers

If you’re wondering whether women are going to be better personal trainers compared to other genders, the answer is well… it depends. For the most part, how good a trainer is depends on their experience, the clients they’ve helped and the training they’ve done. But, there is no doubt that *most of the time* a female trainer is going to have a better understanding of issues and challenges that women struggle with.

Most things that people go to a personal trainer for are not going to be unique to a specific gender, there are a number of things that you might feel more comfortable working with a female trainer.

With that being said, the fitness industry is being flooded with powerful, motivated women who are keen to help people reach their fitness goals, regardless of gender.

Is it better to work with a female personal trainer?

Figuring out whether it’s better to work with a female personal or not really only depends on one factor – you!

The question you need to think before before looking for a personal trainer is whether gender makes a difference for you when you’re vulnerable, needing to be motivated or looking to learn new things. If you feel more comfortable learning from and talking to a female personal trainer about fitness and perhaps even some vulnerabilities (depending on your fitness goals) then working with a female trainer is probably right for you.

If your struggles are with things outside of gender specific challenges, like staying on track, continued motivation, nutrition around exercise, etc, then it makes more sense to find someone who specializes in that area instead.

Hiring a female personal trainer

Getting the right fit regardless of gender is best done through a face to face meeting. There is only one way to truly get to know whether you can work well with someone and thats to meet them.

OnSide trainers come from a diverse background and there is a pretty good chance we have a trainer that is going to work for you. Check out our personal training page and give us a call or stop in some time.

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