CrossFit Gyms in Halifax have been around for more than a decade and the people inside CrossFit gyms have quietly been a part of one of the most effective fitness programs to ever exist.

You’re hearing about it now because OnSide is changing the way CrossFit is done.

what is crossfit?

Most people have some pretty wild misconceptions when they first walk in the door. Whether it’s something they’ve seen on social media or someone crazy they know, most people think doing CrossFit means:

  • They need to be in shape first.
  • They’ll be doing wacky exercises
  • They need to do some competitions
  • They’ll get bulky
  • They’ll get injured

We get one of these misconceptions through the door or in our inbox every. single. day.


CrossFit has evolved into the most renowned fitness program out there. It’s proven itself to be the best program for general overall fitness 

At its core, CrossFit is just a fitness program that takes strength, flexibility and cardio – all the important things you need to get and stay in shape, and delivers them with an expert coach… in an inclusive and positive environment.


janet working out

Here’s What You Won’t Find At OnSide

No Toxic Gym Culture

There’s no judgment or criticism at OnSide. Everyone who’s a part of the program started exactly where you are right now. You’ll find people who genuinely want to help and see you succeed.

No Weird exercises

The movements we do are basic fundamental movements that your body should be doing on a daily basis.

No one pushing you beyond what you’re ready for

Your fitness program shouldn’t be injuring you. Our system is designed to start you off slow and build as you improve – the program matches your fitness level and meets you where you’re at.


Here’s what our people love



Some of the greatest relationships have been built here. Surrounding yourself with people who want you to succeed is an important step in reaching your goals. It’s cliche but our people will have your back.



Have you ever been excited to go to the gym and workout? Creating workouts that are fun and scaleable to any level keeps our community looking forward to coming back every day. Don’t be offended if we tell you to take a rest day.



Many people come to us looking for a change either because they aren’t enjoying their program or they aren’t getting results from it. Constantly progressing, learning new things, and crushing goals is what we’re here to help you with.

ok. how do i get started?

Our introduction system is customized to you. If you’ve already got a background in physical fitness or you’re an avid gym-goer, your intro might look different than someone who’s just getting start with exercise for the first time. The first thing you’ll do is work with one of our expert trainers to develop a plan thats right for you.

We make sure that before your put into a class, you’re given lots of opportunity to ask all the questions you can think of!

step one

Book a Free Discovery Session. 

The first thing we want to do is make sure we’ve got what you’re looking for. Come in to Onside and check out our facility.

We’ll show you around, talk about ways you could reach your goals and answer any questions you might have. We want to meet you!

step two

Individualized Learning

Our introduction is designed to give you an idea of what a typical class looks like from start to finish, and show you how easy jumping in can be. We cover the fundamentals for all of the exercises we do and all of the safety points that go along with them.

step two

Individualized Learning

Our introduction is designed to give you an idea of what a typical class looks like from start to finish, and show you how easy jumping in can be. We cover the fundamentals for all of the exercises we do and all of the safety points that go along with them.

step three

Come experience our programs.

This is what you came for. Our group programs are some of the best and most inclusive in Halifax. You’re not going to walk into OnSide and wonder if people are judging you; everyone here wants you to succeed because they were in your shoes at some point.

After your private sessions, you’ll jump into classes and enjoy the experience.

we’re pretty lucky to have people like you

Colin O'rourke

Colin O'rourke

Canadian Forces Pilot

The coaches are great and have everything already planned, just get there and turn your brain off for an hour. Next thing you know you’ll be crushing your goals and be the fittest you’ve ever been.

Sharon Colp

Sharon Colp

Local Artist

Everybody is rooting for you, and trying to help you get to that goal, rather than, you know, trying to knock you down or do better than you.

Jenn cooper

Jenn cooper

OnSide Veteran

I was so happy with the amazing feeling of being part of a great community. The coaches are so helpful, kind, and highly qualified and knowledgable …they make a healthy lifestyle and challenging workouts a lot of fun!

Do You Need to be in shape to start CrossFit?

No, you do not need to be in “shape” to start exercising and doing Crosfit. In fact, the whole point of exercising is to improve your fitness and health, so it is natural to start exercising when you are not already in great shape.

That being said, it is always a good idea to consult with a  professional before starting any new exercise program, especially if you have any underlying health conditions or injuries. They can help you determine what types of exercise are safe and appropriate for you to start with based on your current fitness level and any limitations you may have.

The coaches at OnSide can recommend modifications or adaptations that can help you safely progress in your exercise program.

Will I get Bulky?

What we think of when someone says bulky is what body builders in the traditional gym look like. You’re not going to look disproportionate, with massive muscles… unless you are actively trying to achieve that. 

The workout style at a CrossFit gym is balanced, meaning we’re not trying to become big and slow.

If you’re wondering what the body type of a CrossFitter looks like, check out your favourite sports athlete!

Will I get Hurt?

The early days of CrossFit created a pretty bad name for itself when inexperienced coaches and athletes prioritizes speed and intensity over sustainability and longevity. 

CrossFit gyms that still prioritize those things will come and go. No one wants to be injured by their fitness program. 

We use a framework that does a great job of figuring out what your capabilites are and creating a workout within those boundaries. You’ll get the most you can out of each workout without worrying about whether you’re doing damage to your body or not.

Am I too old to do CrossFit?

CrossFit is for all ages. 

Our gym does a great job building a workout around your capabilities.

We’ve got members in their 70’s working out along side their actual grandchildren. It’s pretty wholesome. 

Isn't it a bit expensive compared to a regular gym membership?

You get what you pay for.

You can’t compare a traditional gym membership with a membership at OnSide. It’s like comparing a Mercedes to a tri-cycle. 

If you’re like many of our members, you’ve tried year after year to get in shape on your own. You’ve probably wasted thousands on gym memberships you didn’t use. 

You’re going to see massive results and you’ll be extending your life expectancy dramatically. 

Reach out to make a change

If you have more questions or you’re ready to get started, fill out the form and connect with us.