CrossFit in Halifax: What to Expect

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March 20, 2024

What to Expect from CrossFit in Halifax

Thinking about diving into CrossFit in the Halifax area?

Hopefully this article can help you find the right fit for you because what you can expect from a CrossFit in Halifax varies drastically when it comes to the location you’re looking at and the vibes you’re looking for.

We’re going to try and break down what you need to know about finding the right CrossFit gym in Halifax so read on!

What you can expect from most CrossFit gyms

CrossFit offers a unique and dynamic way to train, and the gyms on the Halifax scene are no different. But whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a complete beginner, stepping into a new fitness program can be daunting. Here’s what CrossFit is from a high level.

General Physical Preparedness (GPP) for Everyone:

CrossFit’s core principle is GPP, aiming to improve your overall fitness and function. What this actually means is, you’re going to get very fit… in practically every single way.

What this doesn’t mean is: you’re going to get bulky (seriously, you’re not) .

There is no better fitness program out there for creating people who are both as strong as possible and as lean as possible. How CrossFit achieves this is by focusing not on body parts like the traditional gym but on functional movements (that hit many muscle groups and body parts) and your body’s natural energy systems which improves conditioning faster than most treadmill workouts you’ve tried.

Workouts will challenge you in various areas, from some weightlifting to metabolic conditioning (think high-intensity bursts). This translates to real-world benefits, making you stronger, faster, and more capable in your daily activities and anything that might challenge you… like your three year old running away from you through the parking lot.

Varied and Challenging Workouts:

The beauty lies in the constant variety, keeping things exciting and ensuring you develop well-rounded fitness. Expect a mix of exercises.

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Finding the Right CrossFit in Halifax

Halifax offers a variety of CrossFit gyms, each with its own vibe and focus. Typically, the monthly fees with CrossFit are higher with an expectation that the facility is going to be clean and kept up, the staff is going to be respectful and professional and you’re going to be in safe hands with a qualified coach leading you through the workout.

There are 3 CrossFit gyms in Halifax that check all of those boxes:

OnSide Performance Centre

It’s us! Don’t tell us you’re surprised!

OnSide has a cleaning staff who are maintaining the facility day in and day out, coaches who also come from a healthcare background – from physios to nurses to firefighters and have a pretty strict no-judgement zone. We’ve been open for 9 years and we’re located at the edge of Bayers Lake right where St.Margarets Bay rd meets the 103 – perfect for your commute into or from work!

Vibe Check

OnSide is the balanced gym. Our people are getting in shape to live a better life, they aren’t trying to be an influencer, many have young families and are looking for the most effective workout in the little time that they have for the gym outside of their other responsibilities. We’re the only gym with a Registered Dietitian for nutrition help and have a physio and massage clinic inside of our facility. We believe that exercise needs to be approached in a sustainable way, otherwise it’s never going to stick or work – balance! (speaking of balance – we’re also the only gym with a full-blown cafe and beer on tap for events and general good times!)

Ironstone Strength

Ironstone has been open for 9 years as well and they’re located in the northend on King st.

Vibe Check

Being located downtown, ironstone is home to a higher % of students which typically leads to a more competitive atmosphere. The coaches at Ironstone are all professional and the facility is clean. They have processes and systems to keep people safe which we’re a big fan of.

Blended Athletics

Blended athletics has been open for 10 years and is located in Dartmouth on Wright Ave.

Vibe Check

Blended Athletics, while technically not a CrossFit affiliate, their workouts are the same type of workouts you’d get at a CrossFit gym. Blended is certainly the fanciest of the three gyms. They’ve always got a ton of staff kicking around to help and even a nightclub vibe for one of the workout rooms.

First, Think about your priorities when looking for a CrossFit gym in Halifax

These three options are all very different so understanding what you want out of your fitness journey is a pretty important first step. Starting off on the wrong foot by finding the gym in Halifax that doesn’t line up with your goals or overall vibes might contribute to your motivation fizzling out.

It’s worth mentioning that there are a ton of other options for gyms in Halifax. There are of course many different types of group fitness classes in Halifax, but in terms of CrossFit gyms, these three will leave you in good hands and match the expectations that come with a boutique fitness membership fee.

Ready to Start CrossFit in Halifax?

If you’re someone who is unsure about what to do inside of a gym, nervous or intimidated by gym cultures, or someone whos simply looking to find something that helps them enjoy exercise – reach out to us (or your local CrossFit gym) and get started. If you’re trying at all to have fun with fitness, joining a CrossFit gym in Halifax is honestly your best bet.

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