Comparing a CrossFit Gym and a Globo Gym – The Primary Differences

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November 11, 2022

The rise of CrossFit as a fitness program has brought the ultra-effective program into the mainstream, but the majority of the market still belongs to the typical Globo gym. While there are many differences between these two options, there are a couple fundamental differences that make all the difference for people.


CrossFit Gyms have proven that their model is extremely effective. People who have worked out all of their lives can start CrossFit and quickly start achieving things that they didn’t think would ever be possible. While all CrossFit Gyms are entirely different, the best ones have prioritized the same things.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of bad CrossFit gyms out there so I don’t want to paint the picture of perfection here, but even the bad ones will certainly have quite a different vibe. 

The best Crossfit Gyms have made having a welcoming and non-judgmental environment a significant priority. These gyms are filled with people who want the best for one another, who know each other’s names, and who are supportive, friendly and hard-working. One of the primary requirements for a successful fitness program is being in a comfortable place where you feel you can focus on yourself and not worry about what other people might be thinking of you. 

The other priority of most CrossFit gyms is an effective program. The workouts at the top CrossFit gyms are redefining fitness for people. People who thought they were in good shape are amazed at how much further they can go when doing the right things. For anyone who’s never really worked out, or hasn’t in a long time, the nature of the workouts often leads to significant gains in the early days of the program.


In the same way that there are bad CrossFit gyms, there are outliers in the Globo gym space. 

In many globo gyms like Goodlife and Fit4Less or your hotel or building gym, there is an expectation that people are to leave one another alone. For the most part, people are popping their headphones in and zoning out, even the people heading to the gym together.

In the typical globo gym, people are all doing something different. Usually, you need to turn up with a program already, or you’ll be left wandering around trying to figure out what to do. 

Usually there is a much larger presence of bodybuilders and more of a focus on the culture of getting bigger muscles or getting “toned”.



The primary difference between these two is that CrossFit is built upon people supporting one another and getting people into better shape and Globo gyms are built around body aesthetics and individualism.

In CrossFit gyms, you’ll see seniors doing deadlifts, kids learning how to move properly, in-shape people getting fitter than they ever could have imagined and beginners enjoying exercise for the first time in their lives. All of this is celebrated by the people around them. There’s no judgment, only support.

The fundamental difference is that a CrossFit Gym is a support network for people who don’t identify as typical gym-goers.

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