The team at Onside Performance Centre is here to help you and your team achieve your athletic potential. With an abundance of skill and experience to draw from, our coaches will design a program specific to you and your sport.


Working with our coaches at OnSide Performance Centre, you and/or your team will receive a customized program to help you to perform at your best within your chosen sport. Areas of focus will range from Strength & Power to Endurance, Speed and Agility with testing performed to show tangible progress. Regardless of your sport, we can tailor a training package for you.


Over the course of the last few years we have worked with a variety of teams in a multitude of sports. Below are just a few examples of the progress these teams saw and how that progress relates to their sport:


Trunk Stability

During Synchro Nova Scotia’s dryland training we observed a 56% increase in trunk stability over the Pre-Season and In-Season blocks. Trunk stability is critical for power transfer in the water.


Power Output

In the Hockey Off -season for a small group of hockey athletes we were able to increase peak power output through their common interval time by roughly 34%.


Aerobic capacity

Over an 8-week cycle we’ve taken an athlete with the goal of improved aerobic fitness from the 69th Percentile to the 92nd percentile in the 1 mile time trial. We were able to achieve this using a personalized aerobic training program.

Strength & Power

In every sport from hockey to baseball, explosiveness is essential. Explosiveness can be improved by focusing on strength and power development. We are able to build strength and power using movements such as back squats, sled pulls, and box jumps.

Speed & Agility

A variety of sports rely on their athletes being quick and agile, both of which can be improved through dryland training. With our coaches, athletes will work on agility drills along with exercises ranging from sprint intervals to weighted lunges.

Flexibility & Stability

Each sport requires a different level of flexibility and stability. These can be significantly improved by developing strength through full range of motion, and dynamic mobility training. Athletes working on this can expect to see an improvement in both movement efficiency and injury prevention.


So many sports rely on their athletes being able to work for a prolonged period of time. The longer an athlete can sustain effort, the more effective they can be. Endurance training is the perfect tool when trying to improve this. We utilize interval training, aerobic threshold pacing,  and proper recovery protocols to ensure our athletes are able to work as hard as possible.

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OnSide Performance Centre is a premium strength and conditioning facility that specializes in empowering athletes to train and fuel for optimal performance. When it comes to fitness and athletic development, it’s important to have structure; to have purpose. Our team of experienced coaches are here to offer the most professional coaching in the HRM. In our constantly evolving training facility, we are able to offer premier services ranging from sports nutrition,  dryland training for sports teams and CrossFit classes.

reach your potential at onside

reach your potential at onside

OnSide Performance Centre
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Office: (902) 404 – 5647
114 Chain Lake Dr. Unit 5, Halifax, NS
B3S 1B1

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