3 Reasons Why Your Workout Routine Sucks

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August 9, 2019

3 Reasons Why Your Workout Routine Sucks

Aug 9, 2019 | Uncategorized


…And one you’ll actually like

Your workout program is boring. There, I said it. 

 It might even be the most boring workout routine in Halifax… Someone has to have it,  right?

If you’ve made it past the 6 month mark at your gym and still daydream of being a superhero during your morning commute, then we’d like you to write our next article, “The Easy Step by Step Guide To Being A Badass”.

If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of dread or you’ve motivated yourself like I have – “Come on, Nate-Dog! You need to go to the gym, these abs aren’t going to inflate themselves!” Then this article is for you.

We’ve made a list of the three most important things to avoid when looking for a fitness program. We take these points into consideration with every new workout program we create. If you can craft or find a workout program while avoiding these three common faults, you’ll never need to look anywhere else.

Here are the no-no’s:


Your workout routine isn’t measuring your results.

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This seems like a no brainer to people. We need to be able to see progress with anything we do. It’s built into us.

A workout program that is doing the same things over and over again, without leading you to improvements, quickly gets stale. If you’re on a journey to make a big change in your life, you’re going to have highs and lows. Seeing progress, even the smallest bit can be enough to keep you on track and your eyes on the prize.

Here’s how you can address this point.

First, what are your goals? This is the question you need to start with. For example, last week a woman came into OnSide who wanted to get stronger but was afraid to do any weightlifting because she didn’t want to get bulky. We always explain our philosophy, that we’re trying to be as strong as possible in the smallest package. This spoke to her. When digging deeper and figuring out what she had been doing in the past, we found out that the program her friend gave her was actually a bodybuilding program with a focus on hypertrophy—solely getting bulkier!

Figure out your goals and base your metrics on that. By measuring every little improvement you can easily keep yourself moving forward.

Halifax Female Workout Routine

You aren’t actually having fun while you workout.

Are you having fun with your workout routine? 

From our experience, this seems to be the biggest reason that athletes stick with our programs. If you aren’t excited to accept the daily challenge, you probably aren’t going to stick with it for very long. 

Are you doing workouts like:

Exercise A – X sets of X reps
Exercise B – X sets of X reps
Exercise C – X sets of X reps
30 min of Cardio Equipment

If you’re someone that loves doing this week after week and if it’s working for you, that’s great! Be happy you found something you love. If you became demotivated just by reading that, then you need to get on a new program. 

The other one we see usually comes from the group fitness gym. Maybe your workouts look like this:

Do these exercises over and over for 5 minutes:
10 Exercise A
10 Exercise B
10 Exercise C

This usually indicates that very little consideration is being put into the progression of your strength and fitness.

Find workouts that you are excited to do.

You’re doing the same workouts over and over! How long has it been?!

Doing the same things over and over again can be a real bore. Not to mention, the more you repeat the same workout routine, the more your body adapts to it and the less effective it becomes. Learning new things and varying your workouts can be the answer to stale workout programs. 

Learning new things in a safe and supportive environment is a lot of fun. A lot of times people are nervous to try new things and risking judgement by the people around them or the fear of failing. Once you realize that everyone was at the learning stage at some point, you’ll open yourself up a whole new world of fun workout routines. When learning new things you may find out that you’ve got some serious talent in things you didn’t know you would. 

Keeping a workout plan that is constantly varied can ensure that you’re not creating any imbalances. Ensuring that your workouts have variety in them helps avoid the risk of your fitness hitting a plateau and getting boring.

your best workout routine

It’s clear that all of us need to be physically active. As long as you’re doing something that gets you moving everyday, you’re meeting your basic needs. But if you’re going to do it every day, why not have fun with it?

Typically when people get started at OnSide they stick around for a long time. We think it’s because of how funny our jokes are but they say it’s the people and the workouts. 

We want you to experience what our fun workouts are like. Sure, its not going to be the same without our funny jokes and the great people but we think you’ll like them anyways.

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At OnSide we want to change the way you think about health and fitness. We consider our biggest success to be when we create members who practice fitness as a normal part of their lives like eating and sleeping. The experience at OnSide is something that is different than any other fitness program. Instead of doing fad diets and 6-week fitness challenges that act as band-aids, we work on behavioral changes that will last a lifetime.

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