An Inside Look At A New Beginning

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Starting CrossFit

It’s often tough for coaches and experienced athletes to put themselves into the shoes of new Crossfit members. As we get more comfortable with movements and our abilities, we often forget what it was like in those first days at a new gym, doing movements we’d never tried. The excitement, the pain, the challenges, all of those things become a distant memory.

That’s why it’s so important to reflect on those first few weeks, and what better way than through the eyes of a new member. At the beginning of the summer, OnSide decided to take on a summer co-op student. Someone that would be an asset to the team and embodied the OnSide vision.

Meet Morgan.

Morgan impressed right out of the gates. Told that a great way to get to know the community at OnSide was to take part in classes, she immediately began immersing herself in Crossfit at OnSide. After Morgan’s first few introduction sessions it seemed like she was hooked. As the new OnSide Performance Centre website launched, she thought it would be a good idea to write about her experience. Check it out!

Building my Foundation at OnSide

Everyone has their hesitations when joining a new gym, especially a CrossFit affiliated gym. It involves a completely new community, environment, coaches, structure, and intimidation. It can be a challenge to fit in, and to feel at ease in the group classes. Not to mention, CrossFit is surrounded by a stigma of super strength and intensity. OnSide Performance Centre offers the Foundations program, which allows all individuals to start on the right foot and have the best experience as a new member of the community. It involves two private introduction sessions and then a month of unlimited classes. This program introduces new members to coaches in the private session, and allows them to try out as many classes as they want to see what they enjoy the most.

the introduction

My private sessions were with Jenny. Naturally, she made me feel super comfortable providing tips and adjustments when going through the movements and work outs. She gave me her whole, undivided attention, showing that the coaches truly care about your inclusion within the gym. I have had some experience with weightlifting, being a rugby player, however, no matter what a person’s level is coming into the foundations program, you all start at level zero. At this point you learn the basic movements so that when you go into the classes, you know exactly what you’re doing. After going through all the movements, like squats, deadlifts, cleans, overhead press, thrusters, and some others, I did one WOD, “workout of the day,” each session. I guess I should also mention, that was one of the parts of the foundations program, learning all of the CrossFit lingo. Anyways, the foundations WOD’s can be scaled to all levels, ensuring that you feel comfortable and strong. In fact, all WOD’s, not just the foundations workouts, can be scaled. There are no minimum requirements for experience or fitness to be able to join in on classes at OnSide. After finishing my two private sessions I felt confident that I could join the regular classes.

At the beginning of all classes, the coach will introduce everyone and go over the work out on the board. Being introduced to everyone helps to make you feel like part of the community. For the remainder of the workout you don’t stick out like the sore thumb, because there are all sorts of levels of experience and strength. Together, we all push each other hard right to the finish, making the atmosphere super positive. You realize that everyone there has different goals, but are all there for the same reason; to improve their fitness and be motivated by their peers.

"You realize that everyone there has different goals, but are all there for the same reason; to improve their fitness and be motivated by their peers."

Doing Crossfit for the first time

I still remember my first official CrossFit class. I was intimidated, but once everyone had been partnered up and started working on their strength, I think it was back squats, we all just pushed for ourselves and encouraged each other not to stop. After the strength work, we prepared for the WOD. I don’t remember what it was specifically, but it was the hardest I had ever pushed. That is one thing that I and many other new CrossFit athletes have experienced; there is no better way to drive yourself than through these group classes. You are sweating, pushing, seeing everyone else pushing their limits, it makes you feel like you need to do the same as well. There is no point in giving up because you are motivated by those who surround you. Before you know it, the clock is up, and you’re in a heap of sweat, your body is exhausted, you look around and see everyone else in a similar state. You’re so glad that it is finally over. Right when you thought you were going to give up, you pushed until the end and you can finally breathe. After you catch your breath you are flooded by the high fives of everyone congratulating each other. At that point, you know that this is where you belong.

what are you waiting for?

Throughout all the suffering, you realize your body’s true abilities. You can push beyond points that you never knew you could. Although I have only been going to classes for a little over 2 months, I feel so much stronger. Going into rugby games no longer gives me anxiety – I am confident in my strength and I know that because of the training I have been doing that I can make those tackles. I can run faster, and I can push through all the pain. I still haven’t mastered most movements – I struggle with double-unders, pullups, and pushing myself on the assault bike. But, I know that if I keep going, spending time on my weaknesses, and trying different classes, I will be able to reach my fitness goals.
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Morgan wolfe

Morgan has always strived to find a new way to stay active and add a competitive edge to her training and athletic performance, specifically related to rugby. After joining OnSide as a co-op student, she gained a taste of CrossFit and has loved it ever since. Although her employment was temporary, she will always find time for a good workout at OnSide.
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