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We realized 8 years ago that most of us are making the process of getting in shape – whatever that means for you, much harder than it needs to be.

OnSide brings every single resource you would ever need to get in the best shape of your life to the table – all you need to do is make the first move.



Personal Training


Getting Started at OnSide.

OnSide is built on the idea that everyone’s journey starts somewhere different.

Traditionally, the fitness world has been trying to fit everyone into the same box –  the same fitness plan for everyone.

Our model personalizes your fitness program so that it’s exactly what you need to progress without feeling too sore, getting discouraged or overwhelmed.

This is the future of fitness. And it’s working.

The first step to getting started with us is to reach out and set up a discovery session where we can find out if OnSide is the right fit to help you achieve your goals.

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jeam st amand headshot
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A Healthy Lifestyle that

integrates into your life.

There is a misconception that improving your health means that you need to drastically change your lifestyle.

While there is some truth to that, the reality is, if you need to completly overhaul your lifestyle, the chances of success are low.

Instead of asking you to fit into our mould, we help our clients integrate a healthy lifestyle into their daily lives.

Reach out and learn about how we’re changing the way people approach healthy lifestyles.

What to Expect At OnSide.

Making changes big changes by yourself is hard – most people fail. At OnSide you can expect to have a team helping you through it with an inspiring community who is working through the same challenges you are.

Here is what you can expect if you follow the OnSide way.


1 Week

After one week you’ll noticed improved mental wellbeing and mental clarity.

Mental health benefits from consistent exercise are well known and after one week you’ll start to notice them. Clients report feeling:



Decreased Anxiety


Increased Motivation

Proud Of tHemselves

3 Weeks

Three weeks into your experience with OnSide, you’ll start noticing that you’re feeling better physically.

Your clothes will start fitter better, you’ll notice improvements in your physical fitness in the day-to-day.

“I feel like I could do anything. The everyday challenges of work, kids, supper and life simply don’t even phase me anymore. OnSide has given me the confidence I’ve been lacking “


-Shiela M.

6 Weeks

After six weeks of consistency, not only will you notice changes happening, everyone around you will start to notice.

“Hey – you look great!”

This is just a taste of what is possible with continued consistency.

Increase in Cardio Health


Decreased Blood Pressure


Increased Strength

Realizing The Sky's The Limit

12 Weeks

Three months into your journey with OnSide, your consistency will now be a habit you’ve formed, you’ll experience improvements in your mental health and you’ll be seeing changes in your physical appearance and health.

Welcome to the new you!

In a year from now you're going to wish you started sooner.

If you aren’t willing to make your health and wellness a priority, there’s no amount of text that is going to convince you to do so. But, if the issues we’ve listed here resonate with you, you are a few simple steps away from finding the solution you’ve been looking for. We mean it.


are you Not Sure What To Do?

Taking your health into your own hands is confusing and trying to do it all on your own is hard. Get expert opinions from healthcare professionals that want to help.

are your Workouts boring?

Workouts do not have to be boring. If you’ve ever played a sport, you know that being active can be a lot of fun. We model our workout programs in a way that you can keep enjoying and improving.

Does your gym culture suck?

If you hate the yelling and screaming, the mirrors and the gun-shows, the judging and the laughing, you’re in luck. We hate those things too, and you won’t find them at OnSide. OK, you’ll still laugh, our jokes are funny.

are you missing a community?

You need a network of people are rooting for you. By surrounding yourself with people who want you to succeed, you’re more likely to meet your goals and live a fuller life.

The best stress management tool is having fun.

We like having fun. We think that the best way to build healthy habits is to have fun and enjoy yourself. We have a strong community that plays as hard as we work.

Organizations we’ve worked with

Our approach to wellness is innovative, just like the companies we work with. There is a network of employers who trust us with their employees overall wellness. Here are a few of the companies we work with.

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