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CrossFit Classes

Our group classes with a blend of strength, cardio, stretching and fun. Classes are instructor led and for people who are looking to become their best regardless of how fit they are.


HIIT60 aims to help you find your best self mentally and physically. This Bootcamp blends cardio and power in a format that anyone can do and that creates the strongest version of yourself in the smallest package.


Personal training sessions with our experienced coaches are perfect for athletes looking to focus on their weaknesses along with individuals looking to improve their overall fitness in a one-on-one environment.


OnSide Performance Centre’s sports nutrition program offers individual counseling and group workshops led by our registered dietitian, specializing in nutrition for sport performance.

youth athletics

The team at Onside Performance Centre is here to help you and your team achieve your athletic potential. With an abundance of skill and experience to draw from, our coaches will design a program specific to you and your sport.

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OnSide Performance Centre is a premium strength and conditioning facility that specializes in empowering athletes to train and fuel for optimal performance. When it comes to fitness and athletic development, it’s important to have structure; to have purpose. Our team of experienced coaches are here to offer the most professional coaching in HRM. In our constantly evolving training facility, we are able to offer premier services ranging from sports nutrition,  dryland training for sports teams and CrossFit classes.

Taking Athletes to the Top

Our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists have helped take local Hockey athletes from Bantam leagues to QMJHL Prospects

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Our Crossfit program has taken an athlete from little fitness background to the 6th Fittest Teenage Girl in Canada.

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Create a custom Wellness Program that’s going to keep your team motivated and healthy in the Workplace.
OnSide Performance Centre Office: (902) 404 – 5647
Email: info@onsideperformance.ca
114 Chain Lake Dr., Unit 5 Halifax, NS B3S 1B1

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Office: (902) 404 – 5647
Email: info@onsideperformance.ca
114 Chain Lake Dr. Unit 5, Halifax, NS B3S 1B1

Get the latest training tips